Bags 2 School
With the winter coming why not have a clear out of your summer wardrobe ? If you
have any unwanted bags,clothes and shoes please put them in a bag and drop them
into main reception at the school before 9am on Thursday 11th October .thank you



Welcome to the PCS Parent,Teacher Association Website

Do you have children or grandchildren in the school?
Have you got ideas on how to fundraise?
Can you spare a few hours a month to help out?

Please join our team of volunteers to help raise money for the school and be
involved in the Parent Teacher Association

We are a group of people who are working together to supports your children's school by raising funds for equipment to enrich all children's learning

The main aim is to support your children's school and allow parents to become more involved in the school and have fun, meet new parents and develop friendships.

Our next meeting is on 
Monday 29th October 2018, 6pm to 7pm
in the 
Conference Room (next to the main reception)